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ANUARC Blue with Monitor

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Blue Wall mountable or Tabletop use 


Space and attractiveness was the goal. meticulously designed modern, polish Acrylic surface compact design.


Buttons and Connectors

2 Dedicated menu buttons

  Exit/Go Back, Game reset, Save, and Load

4 game buttons

make playing easier


Custom Graphics Theme 

Screensaver Custom Design is additional, add your business Logo. Extra Charge

Size and Weight

Height: 4.5 inches (114.3 mm)

Width: 15 inches (381 mm)

Depth: 11.50 inch (292.1 mm)

Weight: 6.24 pounds (2.83 kg)


WIFI Enabled

Connects to the internet for product registration, warranty, updates and support.

  • Screensaver Custom Design is additional. 
  • Low-Power, Mini-Powerful processor 

We use an internal computer system that uses such little power. no fan no noise , but is still powerful enough to run all the games on the system as they ran on their original systems. Technology has come a long way!

  • Intuitive Menu System and Gameplay

Literally Plug and Play. When the system powers up, you are greeted with a system selection screen. Choose your system with the joystick and buttons, then choose your game. It couldn't be simpler!


In the Box


           Power Adapter

           HDMI Cable

           Wall Mount Brackets

           23.8" Full HD Monitor With Speakers

           Monitor Wall Mount Bracket


  Additional accessories are optional

           Cup Holder coming soon

           LED Buttons

           Screensaver Custom Design